9 Benefits of charitable giving

9 Benefits of charitable giving
Giving to charities comes in many forms. Financial donations are vital for a charity like Taranaki Health Foundation as this is what ultimately allows us to provide better healthcare outcomes in the region. However we also rely on people donating time, services, contacts and expertise. These are all vital to allow us to fundraise and keep the community updated on our progress.

But why do individuals donate to charities? Many studies have been done and there is lots of evidence that shows donating to charities has a series of positive benefits to the individual as well as the charity.


9 reasons to consider giving to charity today

Helping a cause you care about

Most people want to help the cause they are giving to. Often donations will be given to a cause that the donor has a connection with, either through a previous need for the charity or because of a shared passion for the outcomes.


Makes you feel good

Donating to charity can boost your mood. Studies have found that giving time or money affects the positive hormones released in your body and can have a positive effect on your outlook in life.


Improves your community

Giving to a local charity like the Taranaki Health Foundation has a positive effect for the whole community. By giving to causes in your region, you are more likely to see and be affected by these positive effects.


A good role model for kids

A child’s long-term behaviour and outlook on life is often affected by their environment. By showing children the positive outcomes from giving to charity, you help develop their own desire to do good that will stay with them in to adulthood. 


Inspire others

People tend to follow the behaviours of their peers. If your friend, family and colleagues see you being generous and donating or volunteering time, then they are more likely to be inspired to do the same.


Giving creates impact

We would all like to live in a better world. Unfortunately for many of the most important aspects of life, like healthcare, the only way to see improvements is to get out there and do it yourself. By donating to a cause, you can have a direct impact on making a change in your community.


Solidifies your personal values

If you find yourself feeling like something is missing, then giving to charity can be an excellent way to affirm your beliefs in the world. By supporting a charity that aligns with your personal values or beliefs, you have a cause that you can champion and stand behind.


Tax credits for donations

If you donate to a charity as an individual, and you earn taxable income, then you can claim 33.33 cents for every dollar donated to approved charities.


It is highly appreciated

When you give to a charity, you are making somebodies day. From the moment you contact a charity, you are improving your mental health, you are helping the charity push forward with their objectives and you are help achieve a better world. No matter how big or small your donation may be, it will always be appreciated.


Your support and generosity is what makes it possible for us to constantly improve Taranaki's healthcare. Whether you give time, money or resources we are incredibly grateful to everyone that gets involved with Taranaki Health Foundation. 


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